This Issue:
Title: Le Petit Journal de Refusees
Category:  Satire, Literary, Gellett Burgess
Value: $600
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Local ID: 10397
Date:  Summer 1896
Published in: San Francisco, CA
All Published, intended as a quarterly. Printed on wallpaper. Rare, only eleven holdings in ULS. This bizarre magazine, loosely translated as “The Little Magazine of Rejects” was a fantastic prank by Burgess, adopting the psudonym James Marrion 2nd, and Porter Garnett. This title is unique due to the fact that no two issues were coalated in the same manner, with differences in page order between issues. In Burges”s words” Its [intent] was to send out a rollicking, whooping gabble of ultra-nonsensical berbiage, exchewing seriousness in any form.”