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American Entomologist

Title: American Entomologist
Category: Entomology
Volume: 1-2 No. 12
Issue: 1-12
Date: September 1868 – December 1870
Published in: St Louis, MO

American Artisan; and Patent Record

Title: American Artisan; and Patent Record. A Weekly Journal of Arts, Mechanics, Manufactures, Mining, Engineering, and Chemistry, and Repertory of Patents
Category: Art, Science, Patents, Technology
Volume: 1
Issue: 1-52
Date: May 1864- May 1865
Published in: New York, NY

20th Century Astrologer

This Issue: Title: 20th Century Astrologer Category: Occult, Astrology Value: $200 Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Local ID: 17 Date: August 1897 Published in: New York,...