The Steven Lomazow Collection of American Periodicals

One of the largest periodical collection of all time. The Steven Lomazow Collection consists of almost 30 thousand issues dating back to the early 1700's.  A finer collection of periodical artwork you can't find any where else.


Dr. Steven Lomazow
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Title: Casket Or Flowers of Literature, Wit and Sentiment
Category: Literary
Volume: 1-2
Issue: 1-12
Date: January 1826 – December 1827
Published in: Philadelphia, PA
A widely circulated miscellany, actually a news series based on the previous listing, published by Atkinson and Alexander, who also published “Saturday Evening Post” (196). Its literary contributions were mostly reprinted, frequently from its sister publication. The February issue contains C. C. Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (the first magazine appearance and probably the second overall, unfortunately unattributed); August contains an obituary and engraving of Thomas Jefferson; September features an engraving of Fort McHenry with an early printing of “The Star Spangled Banner”; November contains an early engraving of The White House. Issues in the 1830’s have desirable hand-colored maps. The two earliest volumes are quite scarce, and most early volumes are unnumbered. October 1830 has an early Poe first appearance. It is also important for combining with “Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine” (346) to form “Graham’s Magazine” (404). Mott I: 544 – 555; Chielens I: 459; Smyth: pp. 218, 223; Kribbs 176; Wilson I: 408.