The Steven Lomazow Collection of American Periodicals

One of the largest periodical collection of all time. The Steven Lomazow Collection consists of almost 30 thousand issues dating back to the early 1700's.  A finer collection of periodical artwork you can't find any where else.


Dr. Steven Lomazow
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Local ID: 1842

Estimated Value: $100

Title: Harper’s Weekly Journal of Civilization
Category: Politics, Miscellany
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Date: January 1857
Published in: New York, NY
An influential, widely-circulated weekly, which contains hundreds of cartoons by Thomas Nast and highly sought woodcut engravings by Winslow Homer. Probably the most collected 19th Century American periodical, its pages comprise a vital illustrated history of the years from 1857 to 1916 and, especially, one of the finest pictorial chronicles of the Civil War. As Mott states, ‘the comination of pictures, politics, essays and fiction; the frequent excellence of contributions in all these kinds, together with the known influence of the journal upon its times, gives (it) first rate importance.’ The quality of its political satire, which employed such vehicles as the Republican Elephant, the Democratic Donkey and the Tammany Tiger, all of which first and regularly appeared on its pages, is unequaled. Issues in the 1890’s have desirable cover illustration by Maxfield Parrish, especially rare since the vast majority of the issues are found in bound volumes, sans wrappers. Merged into “Independent”. Individual issues of Harper’s Weekly (without wrappers) are readily available.