The Steven Lomazow Collection of American Periodicals

One of the largest periodical collection of all time. The Steven Lomazow Collection consists of almost 30 thousand issues dating back to the early 1700's.  A finer collection of periodical artwork you can't find any where else.


Dr. Steven Lomazow
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Estimated Value: $10,000

Title: Freeholder’s Magazine or Monthly Chronicle of Liberty by a Patriotic Society
Category: Revolutionary War, 18th Century
Volume: 2
Issue: 1-6
Date: March 1770 – August 1770
Published in: London, England
Complete volume with all engravings intact. The May issue features the engraving of the Boston Massacre accompanied by a seven page description of the event (pages 136-141) The engraving is taken from the earlier Henry Pelham engraving as opposed to the more famous re-engraving by Paul Revere. It is original to this magazine and the only contemporary image known without the dog in the foreground. “The third English printing of the Massacre plate is in The Freeholder’s Magazine for May, 1770, London, printed for Isaac Fell, opposite page 136, accompanied by a six-page article giving an account of the massacre. The print, which is newly engraved, follows the Dilly print [published as the frontis to the London edition of The Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre] carefully. There are minor differences…. The outstanding difference is the omission of the nonchalant dog in the foreground, the only instance in contemporaneous prints where this prominent animal is omitted.” (Brigham, p. 70)