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Pennsylvania Magazine

Title: Pennsylvania Magazine: Or American Monthly Museum
Category: 18th Century, Americana, Declaration of Independence
Volume: 1-4
Issue: 1-19
Date: January 1775 – July 1776
Published in: Philadelphia, PA


Title: Patriot. A Series of American Character Studies.
Category: Biography, Americana
Volume: 1
Issue: 1,10
Date: April 1898, January 1899
Published in: Chicago, IL

Overland Monthly

Title: Overland Monthly
Category:  Americana, Literary, Mark Twain
Volume:  1-15
Issue:  1-6ea
Date:  July 1868 – December 1875
Published in:  San Francisco, CA

National Monument

Title: National Monument, A Weekly Journal
Category: Americana
Volume: Prospectus
Date: April 1851
Published in: Washington, D.C.

Monthly Anthology and Boston Review

Title: Monthly Anthology, and Boston Review, Containing Sketches and Reports of Philosophy, Religion, History, Arts and Manners
Category: Americana, Lewis and Clark
Volume: 4
Issue: 1-12
Date: January – December 1807
Published in: Boston, MA

Monthly Anthology and Boston Review

Title: Monthly Anthology and Boston Review Containing Sketches and Reports of Philosophy, Religion, History, Art and Manners
Category: Miscellany, Americana
Volume: 1
Issue: 1-14
Date: November 1803 – December 1804
Published in: Boston, MA

Miscellaneous Notes and Queries

Title: Miscellaneous Notes and Queries, With Answers, for Professors and Students, Teachers and Pupils
Category: Literary, Americana
Volume: 1
Issue: 10; 13 – 18
Date: April – December 1883
Published in: Manchester, NH

Historical Family Library

Title: Historical Family Library
Category: History, Americana
Volume: 1
Issue: 1-26
Date: June 1835 – November 1836
Published in: Cadiz, OH
A scarce Ohio semimonthly, published by David Christy.

Hesperian; Or Western Monthly Magazine

Title: Hesperian; Or Western Monthly Magazine
Category: Americana, Ohio
Volume: 1
Issue: 1-6
Date: May 1838 – April 1839
Published in: Columbus, OH
An important Ohio magazine, edited W. D. Gallagher ‘to place the literature and culture of the Ohio Valley on a par with those of the east.’


Title: Hesperian
Category: Americana, Ohio
Volume: 1,2
Issue: 1
Date: May, November 1838
Published in: Columbus, OH

Herald Of The Centennial

Title: Herald Of The Centennial
Category: Americana, Centennial
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Date: February 1875
Published in: Providence, RI
An illustrated monthly publication of the Ladies’ Centennial Committee of Rhode Island.