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East Side

Title: East Side
Category: Regional – New York City
Volume: 3 Issue: 13-18
Date: May, 1911 – March 1912
Published in: New York, NY


Title: Pearl
Category:  Local, New York
Volume:  1
Issue:  1
Date:  January 1875
Published in:  Saugerties, NY


This Issue: Title: Stroll Category:  Art, Regional Value:  $500 Volume:  1 Issue:  1 Local ID:  10310 Date:  Spring/Summer 1985 Published in: New York, NY  The Art, Architecture and Design Magazine Devoted to the Street, edited by Melissa Feldman as a discussion space...

Arizona Graphic

Title: Arizona Graphic
Category: Regional
Volume:  1
Issue:  1, 28
Date: September 16, 1899; March 24, 1900
Published in: Phoenix, Az


Title:  Yankee
Category:  Regional, Maxfield Parrish
Volume:  1
Issue:  4
Date:  December 1935
Published in:  Dublin, NH
 Maxfield Parrish cover illustration.

World’s Columbian Exposition Illustrated

Title:  World’s Columbian Exposition Illustrated
Category:  Regional, Chicago, World’s Fair
Volume:  1-2
Issue:  1-12: 1-6
Date:  February 1891 – August 1892
Published in:  Chicago, IL
 Well illustrated in publisher’s binding


Title:  Westward
Category:  California
Volume:  1
Issue:  1
Date:  November 1929
Published in:  Stockton, CA